Greetings PEOPLE FAMILY Member,

What’s in Our Journey Today?

We live at a Planet where PEACE lets to be HOPED for.

With PEOPLE.FAMILY, we try to use and/or update what previous generations as legacy left us.

PEOPLE.FAMILY is managed by Company ‘REALLIFE.DESIGN’ and is not a non-profit.
Reason is that in Our current Economy, we have an exchange system with trade.
We therefore try to work with what was passed on from earlier Family Members.


Humane Dynamics

PEACE: Priority, Settling: Secondary, Let Us Try To Solve Our Inherited Universal Quest.

Are You With Us?

You may be well aware that HOPE for PEACE and working to try to attain PEACE is The LOGICAL thing to do, instead of before PEACE trying to live in an illusional paradise bubble.

Note: You may take to heart that you’ve tried Very good with what was given to you, including your belief system you did not self design. This may seem strange to your ears, your past went exactly as it was meant to go.

What if you think: “I’m trying to get by without ‘making waves’, I try to be comfortable, because why would I take risks that could jeopardise that comfort?” (click ‘+’ to unfold)

First of all, you being here ‘makes waves’ and not taking risks for the right reasons could seriously jeopardise comfort you experience. Passive living is a big risk, you are here for active living and active living may be blessed and you can experience happiness and satisfaction, knowing you’re actively doing your part.

Then there’s another reason that may activate you and that is this one: “The Kingdom” will have higher Job spaces available for those with experience. It’s like muscles that received training, thinking about others’ wellbeing. Example: Being King/Queen is also very much a supportive role and there’s no room for an ego-centered attitude and work approach.

You are asked to support your Family Members (not help, Agape has left this Universe, so not really asking for heroic actions anymore. You being here may be more important for PEACE situation in this Universe, than of those you try to ‘save’. Plus, not causing a biological physical threat makes you not responsible and if it was by accident, you could not prevent that either, again no heroic action asked.). You are asked to be a PEACE Maker, and this we believe to be true… they shall inherit PEACE. That is not to say that others do not enter “The Kingdom”, it’s that those with experience and trained consideration muscles, will be able to fill higher Job positions with on average more rest. Those that sat back to relax A LOT, couldn’t prevent that and was meant to happen, however the more comfortable/relaxing Jobs go to the ones that worked more for wellbeing of others, because they are trained more. It would take time to educate People later and if you choose to act now, chance is that you qualify earlier for higher Jobs, also when PEACE is attained. Sounds like a plan? Yes, then continue reading…

We’re One PEOPLE FAMILY, so Let Ourselves Be Humane with Others. [image] and (metaphorically) hold hands both Personal & in Business.

Faith: Perhaps you have not received personal SPIRITUAL REVELATION(S) concerning TRUTH. And that with CAPITAL LETTERS, so not personal Spiritual Revelations, neither personal spiritual revelations.
Suggestion to ask with inner voice: “To me HIGHEST BEINGS or HIGHEST BEING, I ask you an undeniable sign that you exist.” You may like to add: “Because I can not verify that message(s) from other person(s) and/or a book came from SPIRITUAL REVELATION(S) with CAPITAL LETTERS.”

[HumaneDynamics™: Some Principles]

The Community Exponential Multiplier Effect

The Power of Community Thinking
Ask not “What can (wo)mankind can do for us/me, ask what can we/I do for (wo)mankind?” (other example: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.)

The Community Exponential Multiplier Factor
If people would ask what others can do for them, there would for theoretical example be 8 billion people whom try to get others to do things for them = x 1 = times all people in this Universe considered.

If people ask what they can do for others, there would be 8 billion people, thinking about what they could do for 7.999.999.999 others. = x 7.999.999.999 = 63.999.999.992.000.000.000 (63,999999992 quintillion) times all people in this Universe considered.

If your approach is that a biologicial physical person houses 2 half souls (2 beings per soul), then the calculation is as follows: x 15.999.999.998 = 255.999.999.968.000.000.000 (255,999999968 quintillion) times all people in this Universe considered.


With CommunityFactoring we seek to compliment in business (not competing) with others whom are also PEACE-1st-Oriented.

Employ Able People

Recently, there were ± 1,2 Billion Jobs supplied out of ± 3 Billion Jobs in demand for 15 years and older. That was only a ± 40% availability.

That ± 60% had no Job could have been a major reason why PEACE was let to be HOPED for.

With approach to Employ all Able People, going in that direction, We may attain PEACE for all People at Earth, in this Universe.


Retail Production by Community Members, via CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ [Community System]

A Way For Community Members to Earn Money Freelance.

Growing & Experiencing Community does not need to be a non-profit approach.

In the past, Community Building in the UK and USA was as if an Economic Exchange/Trade System did not exist.

People have demand for a way to earn a biological living. We came up with a system to combine Community and earning a freelance living at Community.Business. At this moment, that seems the best of both worlds. Coming together with Local Community, enjoying each others’ presence and being Productive with creating Community.Productions™ Products by Retailers request & Community Members’ suggested designs. | |

Spiritual Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is (immense understatement) FAR LESS capable than Spiritual Intelligence. Spiritual Intelligence is connected to THE RIGHT MAP & THE LEFT MAP for this Universe, and includes Blueprints of all Beings therein and what’s predestined in THE SCRIPT.

While Artificial Intelligence may be a valuable tool, it’s not a Deity. You are connected to Spiritual Intelligence and actually it’s not your brain that does the thinking. The brain is actually a connection between your spiritual mind and your biological physical body. Perhaps you already knew this.

To leave Out-of-the-Box thinking to AI, without Spiritual Intuition, seems misplaced doesn’t it?
You on the contrary are given Spiritual Intuition, connected to Spiritual Intelligence.

Also, Artificial Intelligence draws from Historical Data on the Internet, related to Human Existence. Do we have PEACE yet?… What is that ‘wartime’ data worth, trying to attain PEACE?
With Spiritual Intelligence (perhaps sometimes with some Artifical Intelligence) we try to make Progress.

About Life & Joy (Happiness)

Has your perspective been (metaphorically): Glass half full, or glass half empty?

Whether it concerns living beyond survival &/or experiencing happiness (joy), albeit a question about the Future too, it is also about what’s going on at this moment: In the Here and NOW.

There is a saying: “Count Your Blessings” and once you start doing that, there may be more joy and living beyond survival at this moment, than with mostly a Future oriented mindset. Such as: “Once we have that, then we can be truly happy, then we will be truly living, instead of only surviving.”

If counting your blessings lets to be desired and you question what your blessings could be at this moment, then PEOPLE.FAMILY may change your life too, for Very Good.

“You may have been chasing after happiness and therefore didn’t pay enough attention to existing relationships with People and situations on your journey. Perhaps despite your personal relationships, you were able to advance/progress with some research, development &/or investments. Or your financial situation let (some) to be desired, while at the same time you were working on important relationships.”


You seek purpose, with happiness and satisfaction for your life & business.

Discover Your Genius In 90 Days Or Less…

… so you can (more) start to Talk About, Research & Develop matters you are called to try to improve…

… so that you (more) try to make beneficial contributions to (wo)mankind…

… so that your relationships with your PEOPLE FAMILY becomes richer in quality…

… so that you may be (more) happy and satisfied, prioritising PEACE with Solidarity.

Go With Genius

Whether you represent an Enterprise Business or non-Enterprise Business or yourself, We have an offer for you:

We invite you to participate with Excellentor™ Course by PEOPLE.FAMILY’s Company: REALLIFE.DESIGN.

If You Onboard, You’ll go with Genius in Your Personal & Business Life, receive Guidance from Spiritual Intelligence & Support for your Life & Profession for PEACE Situation at Earth and in this Universe.

Note: What follows next is part an overal picture. Emphasis is awareness, not legalism. You may be (more) active in one or more areas, while you may be (more) passive in one or more areas.

Also, (Y)Our Business/Work Approach would be with

  • Community Exponential Multiplier Effect & Factor (CommunityFactoring™); *Even if it’s only in prayer at this moment, remember: Let us avoid judging others.
  • HumaneDynamics™,

Listing(s) at:

  • DelightRoutes™.

Furthermore Approach with (mentioned later):

  • Missions.Menu™-Framework;
  • Treasure.Gifts™.


  • With PEOPLE.FAMILY BUSINESS PASSPORT, Qualified to work for Company ‘UNITED HOLLAND’ (more info further down this page).


Mentioned earlier was approaching your business with Missions.Menu™-Framework.

We defined 16 different Matters (Food, Beverages, Clothing etc.) which for PEACE BALANCE (EQUILIBRIUM) probably need to be updated, in balance with available Human & Nature Resources.

We’ll go over this with you, for your business to have in your Mission, together with Actions and by us defined Functional Layers for those matters, if you onboard.


[For Companies]

With Treasure.Gifts™ you’ll approach Public as having (im)material gifts to build & nourish others. Instead of People only buying from your Business, Your Business may also ‘buy’ gifts from Public… via Treasure.Gifts™… For Public Treasuring Companies.

As Members, after you earned it, you’ll receive license to use the trademarked name: Treasure.Gifts™ at your site(s) for ‘Family Resourcing’ (crowdsourcing) purposes.


We momentarily accept new Clients, however there may be a waiting list soon.

Financial Investment/Pricing

Excellentor™ Course (includes PEOPLE.FAMILY BUSINESS PASSPORT after 91 days Membership (with random client site(s) monitoring))

~1st 90 days, from* EUR 9970 incl.VAT
~after 90 days**, per month, from* EUR 177 incl.VAT

~1st 90 days, 4% of last 12 months profit, minimum payment from* EUR 9970 excl.VAT
~after 90 days**, per month, 0,5% of last 12 months profit, minumum payment from* EUR 997 excl.VAT

~1st 90 days, 4% of last 12 months profit, excl.VAT
~after 90 days**, per month, 0,5% of last 12 months profit, excl.VAT

*) amount mentioned is for 1 client site for which a PEOPLE.FAMILY BUSINESS PASSPORT & DelightRoutes™ Listing is desired, max. 14 pages/posts(/products). For additional site(s)/page(s)/product(s), there is an additional fee.

**) Special Offer: After 1st 90 days, 1st month FREE as a bonus when onboarding. That means you’ll be able to qualify and receive your BUSINESS PASSPORT after voyaging (member) 91 days and try it for almost a month. No contract. After 90 days + 1 calender month: Excellentor™ Course Membership is on a month-by-month basis.

Participants (Enterprise/Business/Personal) with this IMAGE at their Internet Site(s), with link to
their PEOPLE.FAMILY BUSINESS PASSPORT at… show intention to:

~ Regard All PEOPLE as FAMILY;
~ Prioritise PEACE 1st;
~ Practice:
~ ~ CommunityFactoring™;
~ ~ ~ with complimenting other PEACE-1st-Oriented Ones, while competing with not PEACE-1st-Oriented Ones;
~ ~ HumaneDynamics™

And are Excellentor™ Course Members for more than 91 Days.

Are Qualified to work for Company ‘UNITED HOLLAND’.

Site(s) mentioned in Participant’s BUSINESS PASSPORT are randomly monitored by PEOPLE.FAMILY’s Managing Company REALLIFE.DESIGN.

UNITED HOLLAND Real World Movement (Community-Oriented)

This Movement is for improving Living &
spreading FranchiseFormula&Company: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS to the Real World.

It’s intended to be a complimenting International-Oriented Movement with those whom are also PEACE-1st-Oriented, with English as language to communicate.

For People at Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland & The Netherlands with a PEOPLE.FAMILY BUSINESS PASSPORT, You may Freely Sign-Up to become a Real World Movement Member at UNITED HOLLAND (and you may land (a) Job(s) working with Us): |


Yejo(ÿnne) & Yovi(ënne), whom are 2 half souls inhabiting person with Earth-legal name: Michael Roeten (1974)(), Founder Executive Director, NL Army Veteran, Information System Analyst/Designer, with a 24/7 PEACE-Business-Mindset, in 07-2007 registered, in 2008 started researching what could Foster Community and in 2020 started researching what could Foster PEACE situation for All People at Earth, in this Universe. That Quest for PEACE started to also include Economy with Very Good (or Better) Jobs for all employable People.
Michael has an Earthly marriage since in 1997 with Angela Marie Pannell (1965) (whom is part Native American) (they married at Big Bear, California, U.S.A.). Angela moved to The Hague, NL in January 1998 and biologically brought forth 2 children: Jordan A. (1998) & Jacob M. (2000). Angela biologically brought forth 4 children before marriage with Michael, namely: Joshua M., Cristopher D., Jonathan & Sarah E.
In September 2013 Angela moved back to her Country of birth: U.S.A. and Jordan and Jacob went along.
Since in 2017, Michael started to work via IN THE SPIRIT with Lilian Saimoen (), with whom Michael Roeten attended same school classes in between 1981-1985 at Rijswijk, South-Holland, NL. Spiritually Lilian has been a major investigator, researcher, later sparring partner and contributor to what became COMMUNITY SYSTEM: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™.